Nothing New After Two and Other Animal Revelations

At the Opening Retreat, the class learned about temperament styles, celebrating what’s right, and how kindergartners outperform when it comes to trying new things. All of the temperaments shared insights like this one from the Beavers: “Nothing New After Two.” On their evaluations, they had many more insights to share. Read on for their thoughts!

The feeling cards broke the ice as the retreat began.

“I am very excited to work with this great group of people with a great collaborative spirit!” Jackie Vigneault

“This program is just as much about discovering the beauty and opportunities of the region as it is about learning how we can help improve the areas in need of work.” Elizabeth Kereszturi

“I’m excited about the potential….I’ve already made some connections that have long-term potential.” Mark Dieckhoner

“You don’t have to be appointed by the community to get involved and make a difference. I will be confident in initiating action in the community.” Debra L Cordell

Beavers suggested this new t-shirt.

“I have already began to apply the information to the way I think about prospecting and opportunities at work. Instead of looking for greener grass, I will look for the green grass in the area I already am in.” Ben Walker

“I plan on applying what I learned by taking a closer look at those I work with to see if I have truly identified their work styles and if I am making sure the team is respectful of all the needs of the group.” Patti Hetkey



“I learned to stop and listen before reacting and have a bit more patience when dealing with certain people and their temperaments.” Maureen Maxwell

Winning Team Shows Off Their Bridge!

“Stop and listen before reacting, a bit more patience when dealing with certain people and their temperaments.” Brian Charnigo

“I learned a lot about the other people in my class and I feel like I have already made both personal and professional connections with truly great people.” Michelle Reese

“Again this was a very positive experience not just in the techniques that we learned but that there are others who are creative and have the same views as me.” Mike Stiles

“I am excited to really look at and utilize the different temperaments in groups.” Erin Cline

“Understanding my temperament and strengths better I will be more attentive when dealing with different personality types.” Matt Baker

“I’ll apply what I learned every day in every way. If we celebrate differences, and stretch ourselves to be agile communicators we can be effective communicators.” Danica Zeise

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