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"It was great to see the strong corporate stewardship exhibited by these organizations."
Matt McKelvy
Class of 2019




"I came away from our class truly impressed with the companies we visited, and the work they are doing. Hearing the stories about how these companies made it a point to build and invest in Medina County was even more inspiring."

Drew Hall
United Way of Medina County
Class of 2019




"Family businesses are instrumental to the health of the Medina County economy. We saw four very different types of family businesses at various stages of their existence, but all of them shared a common characteristic. The founders were people who started small but thought big and continue to innovate to keep their businesses successful."

Nancy Peacock
Free Clinic Of Medina County
Class of 2019


"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, but the "aha" moment was listening to Bob Hyde and his passion for the history of our county. He helped me connect the dots of people, historical sites, and the emergence of business and industry in the county. I also enjoyed Kathy Kraus' presentation on the quilts and the Underground Railroad."

Robin Dillon
LeRoy United Methodist Church
Class of 2019




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Applications for the Class of 2020 are now closed. Apply for the Class of 2021 starting in February 2020.

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