Junior Leadership


Sarah K.

“JrLMC helped open my eyes to the needs people have in this community.  Whether it be through the juvenile detention center or the poverty simulation, JrLMC exposed me to these issues and provided a platform to do something about them” 



Danielle P.

“The opportunities you will receive in Jr. Leadership, you cannot receive anywhere else” 

Anna L.

“Junior Leadership was an amazing experience.  I made so many connections, met so many great people, and got out of my comfort zone.  I grew so much not only as a leader, but as a citizen of Medina County”  

Carly M.

"Fun times, unbelievable adventures, and new experiences.  F.U.N.” 

Lily C.

"Junior Leadership was a great experience that helped me grow as a leader and individual.  It gave me the opportunity to work with new people and make an impact in my community all while learning things about Medina I never would have known otherwise” 

Addy Z

"Junior Leadership taught me that Medina is more than a little stair shaped county in the middle of Ohio.  There is so much out there to learn about and so many people to meet.  It's better to seize the moment and enjoy every little bit of Junior Leadership, because the program is so much more than an item on the list of a college application."

Alyssa J.

"I loved meeting new people and learning more about Medina County.  We had so many fun moments, activities, and inside jokes!  It was a great program to be involved in!"

Civic Leader Year-Long Sponsor

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