Junior Leadership for Personal Development

Junior Leadership Medina County is not just another leadership program!

We offer a unique experience by combining students from every corner of Medina County into one cohort. Students gather once a month to engage in hands on and experiential activities taking them everywhere around the county to learn about what makes Medina County amazing.

The focus of the program is a trifecta of learning: individual strengths, teamwork skills, and philanthropic engagement. Based on Best Practices, Junior Leadership helps students refine their goals and recognize what they have to offer. By meeting with community leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs, students are encouraged to formulate their own pathways and see that the future is truly what they make it.

Class of 2025 applications open March 1, 2024.

Program Information

Junior Leadership students meet with community leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Carrie Park, Esq.
Signature Class '16

Junior Leadership Director
Phone: 330-721-7118, ext. 1003

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