About Us

We Inspire and Equip Leaders to Be Better and Do Better

Our innovative curriculum and experiential learning opportunities are available for all levels of leadership. Leadership Medina County is the place where leaders can connect with diverse networks, build understanding, and take action to drive positive social impact.

Mission Statement

Leadership Medina County is a nonprofit, educational and leadership development organization which exists to build and maintain a county wide network of talented, responsible, and dynamic leaders, who learn first-hand about issues facing Medina County and who serve by assisting in addressing those issues.

Leadership Medina County carries out this mission through civic programs, leadership courses, professional development courses, and events designed to inspire, challenge and connect people at all levels of leadership development. Find out which program or course is right for you by contacting our team at info@leadershipmedinacounty.org.

Our greatest potential for positive impact in the community comes from our ability to provide a perpetually replenishing supply of inspired and informed leaders. These leaders must be diverse and represent all aspects of our community. Our supporters and scholarship funds allow anyone, from the most powerful CEO to the most committed civic volunteer, access to our leadership training, expanded networks and opportunities to make a difference.

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25th Anniversary Board Member Photo
25th Anniversary Board Member Photo

Our History

The Leadership Medina County was started in 1990 when community leaders Ben Hallock, Gene Morris, Don Simmons, Cary Blair, and Gary Hallman explored the possibility of a county-wide leadership program to ensure that Medina County's future leaders would be knowledgeable about issues, well networked and passionate about the success of the community.

Today Leadership Medina County continues to be guided by those founding principles.  Businesses of all types and individuals at all career levels rely on the Leadership Medina County’s civic programs and professional development courses to gain self-confidence as leaders, expand their commitment to our community and develop a deeper understanding of issues with the potential to propel our region forward.