What do you think the eyebrows are doing?

Collected by Loretta Cornell, Medina County Health Department and Cathy Lance, Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Leadership Medina County Class of 2018 collected quotes and thoughts during Business and Industry Day.

Quote of the Day

“What do you think the eyebrows are doing?”

Walt Disney was known for raising his eyebrow when reprimanding an employee. It was also one of his many signature expression used as he acted out ideas for the big screen.

At the Made in Medina County Expo

In the morning we were to vote on gems within the community.  How can I pick just one?  Mary

Cathy: Medina is full of hidden gems.

Todd: Mark from Disney was very informative. It is amazing how many businesses are in Medina. The day is interesting and enlightening.

Mary: What a great day to start the day

Kevin: Cool to see what is made in Medina

Aaron: Motivational!

Jacquelyn: Mark from Disney provided a wonderful presentation.

After the presentation at Westfield Bank

Mike: This Company is not comfortable with success they want to go further.

Maria: Interesting to hear about the facilities. It was unique and from an HR perspective.

Kevin: Really morale building with the gym. It feels open and friendly.

Greg: It was nice to hear they recruit from within.

Debra: It was good to hear the bank is adapting to changing times.

After the V3 Transportation Tour and Benchmark

Patrick: Interesting

Maureen: I could not do that i.e. be an expedited driver.  I never knew there was a business such as this.

Debbie: I never knew there was expedited trucking and to have a company here in Medina.

Randy: Disney was inspiring. The presentation put things in perspective.

Christine: There is so much opportunity for business in this county to do business with each other. One strong point from the Disney presentation is how they pay attention to every detail which grew their business.

Jackie: It is impressive to see all the innovation and hard working people in our county.

Ann: I am impressed with the level of technology and a trucking company with any trucks! Innovative thinking.

Mike C. I had no idea there were so many unique and large businesses in the county.

Karen: I love it! Manufacturing in Medina is so much larger than I imagined and in our own backyard. I liked today.

Beth: It’s been an inspiring experience getting to meet the unique business owners and manufacturing influencers in the county.

Suzie: Too many hidden gems!

Susan: I did not know of this operation [Benchmark] and I work right around the corner!

Erin: I love the smell of a woodshop while walking through Benchmark.

Danika: Remarked on the Disney presentation liked the concept of aligning your intentions with your behavior which leads to a legacy of integrity. As for the day, I had no idea the diversity of manufacturing in the county.

Cornell: Another opportunity to discover amazing business and industry in our county that impacts the global economy.

Lynn: It is amazing a business in the little village of Seville affects large industry such as the Rock Hall and BMW. I have lived my whole life in Seville, I saw this company [Benchmark] and now I know what they do.

Brian: Disney institute and Leadership Medina County, you can’t get any better than that!

Ben: It’s great to see so many businesses maintain the corporate headquarters in Medina.

Freeland: Really good connections and good way for me to make a connection with industry in Medina with my workforce development.

While at McJak Candy

Amy said “It is so sweet!”

Andrea: Fascinating. Opened my eyes to other industries I have not been exposed to.

Tess: I learned a lot. I didn’t know about all the businesses and how innovative they are.

Bus trip notable

It’s been a great experience and we have great people to experience it with!   Cathy

What a great day!  We get to leave work, ride a bus all day around the county to learn about our local businesses, eat candy then end the day with a beer!  Jaclyn

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