Welcome Junior Leadership Class of 2019!

“Are kids these days really interested in philanthropic programs?”
Of course they aren’t. And neither would you be if I asked you if you wanted to join a philanthropic program. But if I asked you to join a program that offered you skills to enhance your own leadership capabilities, allowed you to examine how well your talents mesh with others, and told you that while you were discovering all this, you would be able to help people who really needed it, you would say, “Sign me up for that program!” (Because I know you, and I know how amazing you are). But the word “philanthropy” would never enter our conversation.

This year, a record number of students applied to Junior Leadership Medina County. They didn’t do it because they were necessarily philanthropically motivated. Some did it because they saw an opportunity to learn more about Medina County. Some did it because their friends or family members had been through one of our programs and recommended it. Some did it because they were interested in changing peoples’ minds about their generation. Whatever the reasons, high school applicants from all over Medina County threw their hats in the ring and asked to become part of one of the most successful Junior Leadership programs in Northeast Ohio. To that, we say, Congratulations! and we welcome the class of 2019:


Taryn Brucchrieri

Austin Grant

Sydney Horn

Melody Lebus

Atheana Martin

Kyle Ruffner

Paige Toth

Drake Zirkle (Medina County Career Center)


Mia Mills

Dina Usanovic


Madeline Bohan


Nina Alanchniewicz

Lily Coss

Julia Gillin

Emily Hadler

Sarah Karkoff

Anna Lanier

Danielle Pembridge

Luke Stidham

Trent Thomas

Leah Wagner

Garrett Wright

Addyson Zugaro


Amanda Altiere

Makenna Byrne

Blake Chrisman (Medina County Career Center)

Gigi Cox

Anna Darrell

Sam Gervais

Eddie Hoegler (Medina County Career Center)

Alyssa Johnson

Sarah Jokkel (Medina County Career Center)

Hannah Kim

Haley Letner

Carly McNellie

Tori Petey

Caitlin Sammon

Abby Smith

Chethana Yerramsetty Preshant


Julia Blake (Medina County Career Center)

Courtney Davis

Kaitlyn Kittle

Lili Mills

Haleigh Saylor

Elena Vukovic



  1. Peggy on at

    Are any of them MCCC students?

    • Colleen Rice on at

      We have updated the list to include Medina County Career Center.

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