The Unknown Power Of Toddler Playgroups

Posted by Susan Vlcek

On a steamy summer afternoon fourteen years ago, an unusually large group of precocious toddlers came together for a play date.  It all seemed so sweet, summery, and strikingly simple.  Yet by the time the wooden train was derailed, the Cheerios were consumed and the moms had reached consensus on the next playgroup date, something extraordinary had occurred.  From that background of baby babble that permeated the playroom came a united decision:  these mini minds had made up their minds.  They were going to be beyond smashingly adorable.  They were also going to change their world for the better. Together.

Summer 2016. The journey has been a long and full of valuable work and play. The time has finally come.  The tots, now towering teens, will finally reunite – as the Jr. Leadership Medina County Class of 2017.

Or something like that.  Welcome to our world-changers!


Brunswick HS:

Katherine Camper

Jordan Conroy

Lilian Cox

Ashland Damron

Sophia Gemelas

Madison Hildebrand

Victoria Parish

Vishal Senthilkumar

Chase Somodi

Hannah Wasylko

Tiffany Cubic (MCCC)


Buckeye HS:

Emily George

Benjamin Mullins

Gregory Steinberger

Samantha Theis


Cloverleaf HS:                                                                                         

Abigail Andrews

Meriwether Harmon

Brooke Swain


Highland HS:                                                                                            

Annamarie DiGiacobbe

Blake Kalina

Arora McCargar


Archbishop Hoban HS:

Madison Stubbendieck


Home School:

Trent Wash



Melina Barlow

Riley Furey

Melissa Gottschalk

Alex Stamper

Megan Varley


Wadsworth HS:

Payton Brooks

Regan Burridge

Kayla Cramblett

Emily Dennison

Andrew Doepker

Anna Fick

Sophia Fortner

Katherine Hart

Julia Horner

Kailin Hurrle

Andrew Jariga

Colin Wright


Walsh Jesuit HS:

Jake Cogley

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