There Are More Things That Unite Us Than Divide Us

Columbus 2019 is in the books! There is no better way to explain the day than through the eyes of the Class of 2019. Feel the energy of their day by reading the comments below.

“Justice Kennedy was amazing! She was an excellent speaker who kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat the entire time she spoke. I would love to see her become a motivational speaker to encourage and lead others. I am still in complete awe of her and only wish we had a week or two of more time with her.” Annette Wissel

Case No. 2018-0705 State v. Allen

“My aha moment was more of an In Awe moment – witnessing the Ohio Supreme Court in session – Best day ever!” Lisa Keltz

Jessica Hazeltine, Justice Kennedy, and Michelle Reese

“My aha moment was seeing that the Chief Justice and four of the seven justices were women, I had no idea. I think that this is amazing! As a father of a young daughter I was sure to tell her about that and point out that these women were great role models for her and other girls in our community.” Joe Zingaro

“The architecture and art work was breathtaking.” Kara Wolff

Pamela Crombie, Jill Teubl, Ruth Crane, Robin Dillon, and Tara Haley

“This day really showed how well respected the Leadership Medina County program is to our representatives. I also was enlightened by Justice Kennedy’s talk with us. To hear her story but also how motivational and passionate she is as a person was a great experience.” Carey Bates

“There are more things that unite us than divide us. Very refreshing to hear the bi-partisan efforts taking place to keep Ohio a great place to live, work and play.” Matthew McKelvy

Click Here to read the letters home inscribed on the two curved walls on Veterans Plaza.

“There was a lot of very interesting moments throughout the day and a lot that I learned. From how long the opening portion of the Senate’s session takes, to the collaboration that is taking place within our government and the letter walls at the Ohio Veteran’s Plaza. That all being said, my biggest take away, was a comment in Justice Sharon Kennedy’s opening remarks. Life gives you floors…ceilings are self made when you think you can’t do something.” What a powerful message and loaded with truth. I will carry that message with me for the rest of my life.” Pamela Crombie

” Justice Kennedy was amazing! Her story was inspiring and motivating. I really took it to heart when she said, “What would you do in your life if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Go do that.” What a tremendous opportunity to see our government in action firsthand. I have a greater respect for our elected officials and the work they do.” Robin Dillon

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