The LEAD Institute

The LEAD Institute

Emerging Leaders has now become The LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) Institute offering:

· More professional development content

· Expanded class days

· Exclusive line up of expert trainers

This new is designed for all levels of leaders and those looking for professional development training to further develop their leadership skills. Participants will be presented with the necessary tools, resources, information, and networking to benefit themselves and the businesses they support as they continue to grow both personally and professionally as community and business leaders.

In addition to current professional development training delivered by top corporate trainers and university professors, participants will also be provided with curriculum from Edward O’ Malley’s Your Leadership Edge from the Kansas Leadership Center. This curriculum focuses on adaptive leadership skills that will be applied in the classroom and in their personal, professional, and community contexts.

Deadline for application is August 1, 2020. Those interested are able to apply online at Being a professional development program, we are prepared to offer this program both virtually and in-person.

For more information on the schedule, program outcomes, and more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions at

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