The Faces of the Future!

It’s hard to believe that only last spring, the newest graduating class of Junior Leadership was filling out their applications, hoping for a spot. After months of traveling around the county and learning about personal strengths, cooperative group skills, and various service organizations, parents and friends gathered at Blue Heron Event Center to celebrate the graduates.

This year, two members of the class addressed the crowd. Paige Toth, a sophomore at Brunswick, took a sentimental look back on the year, marveling not only at the acceptance she received from her fellow Junior Leaders, but also at the amazing growth they all experienced. Mia Mills, a junior at Buckeye, gave listeners a humorous look at the year through her parody of Dr. Seuss’s, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” Both ladies spoke with eloquence and heart.

Graduates came away that evening with many special gifts including commendations from the Medina County Commissioners (Colleen Swedyk, William Hutson, and Pat Geisman), Senator Obhoff, and Representatives Gibbs, Gonzalez, Hambley, Kick, and Speaker of the House, Larry Householder.

Mia Mills
Paige Toth

Even though it’s over, it isn’t over! This month, several of the service projects that the juniors have been working on are coming to fruition. You can see the “One Life, Many Stories” group at the Medina Public Library on Saturday, April 13th from 1-4PM. You can visit with the “Plastics” at the Earth Day celebration out at Buffalo Creek Retreat on Saturday, April 27th, from 10 – 4PM. And as for the Juniors themselves, we have one more optional “State Government Day” down in Columbus, where we will be observing an oral argument before the Ohio Supreme Court and then sitting in on sessions of the legislature, as well as touring the State Capitol. The fun just never ends!

On one last serious note, this class has been delightful and make the future something to look forward to! The application is out on our website for any current sophomores who are interested in the program.

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