The Apple is Getting Smaller

Agriculture Day started with the statement, “This is 1/32 of an apple and it represents the area of the Earth’s surface with the potential to grow the food needed to feed all of the people on Earth.” The day soon became a favorite for the class who discovered many different types of agriculture in Medina County.”

Special thanks to the Medina County Farm Bureau, Boyert’s Greenhouse and Farm, Dotterer’s Farm, Buckin’ Ohio, Richman Farms, Adam Sharp, Carlton Schlatter, Dairy Farmers of America, Lorain-Medina Rural Electric, and Arters’ Farm.

Committee:  Patti Boyert, past Trustee, Owner/Operator of Boyert’s Greenhouse, Dick Indoe’99, past Trustee, Owner, Richman Farms, Linda Randall DVM ’95, past Trustee, Owner, Cloverleaf Animal Hospital; Debbie and Tom Indoe, Owner/Operator, Richman Farms, Maple Sugaring Operation, Eileen Thorsell, Buckin’ Ohio, and Jeff Reusser ’13, CFO GHI Internet Services.  

What was your aha moment?

The profound amount of effort required to raise animals and create food. And how much happens in Medina County and for how little profit to the farmers.

Nancy Peacock

Farmers are incredibly hardworking individuals who have dedicated their lives to farming. It his because of them we have so much!

Pamela Crombie

I enjoyed the new generation and what they are doing to continue their family farms.

Kara Wolff

Farmers work hard to keep us safe.

Tara Haley

I knew that it’s becoming a greater challenge to support a family on a farmer’s income, but I was encouraged to see the creativity, grit, and love of the work. Also, Americans pay so little of our income on food.

Debbie Oda

My aha moment was learning ho wmuch we rely on the local farmers in Medina County and just how little they make filling that need.

Drew Hall

The cyclical nature of farming and how critical it is to our growing population needs.

Matt McKelvy

Seeing the underlying structure to our local food supply was amazing.

Richie Muniak

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