Taking The Time

Executive Director Colleen Rice ’08

When was the last time you took time for yourself? At the Opening Retreat, the Class of 2017, took two days to invest in themselves and delve into learning about others. Everyone put away the cell phone and concentrated on listening, being present, and learning. The truth is, those who advance, sit back and reflect. Make sure you take some time this week for yourself to reflect and be present. You’ll be glad you did!

The retreat revisited Owl, Dolphin, Beaver and Fox temperaments. Be sure to ask the class about their temperament style! Who could forget the name game, a challenge to learn all 40 names led by facilitator Griff Hall? Many whispered it couldn’t be done and yet they did it.
Together, we created a safe place at the retreat, where everyone had a voice. Griff cited Google’s Project Oxygen as a prime example of psychological safety in groups. It’s important for individuals to feel that they can express ideas without repercussion. Check it out – it’s a great reminder for all of our alumni for the groups in their lives.

The following are comments from the class about the retreat:

Christina Thomas-Lewin: I found the text reminders, Task instructions, Strengthsfinder, and the name game most useful. Aha moment? Learning 40 names in under an hour! Learning to focus on what I can do/success of a meeting and less on what can’t be achieved/what I missed.

Jan Bennett: Griff’s test and Strengthsfinder was most useful. My aha moment? My life makes a lot more sense now!

Mike English: Most useful? Taking the time to learn everyone’s name.  This was the best way to start the meeting! I haven’t had such an enjoyable time with that many people ever!!! My aha moment? When I realized I had just met and spent time with 39 people who I could talk to and accepted me for me.

Becky Molnar: I really found the temperaments and Strengths Finder useful. It allowed me to appreciate the differences between people and how we can work together to achieve great things. My aha moment? I was surprised that I was able to learn everyone’s name!

Lisa Earle: Looking at strengths of myself and classmates and seeing how different types can work well together. I feel privileged to meet my classmates and look forward to a great experience!

Rochelle Thomas: StrengthsFinder was most useful for me. I’m very excited in building a better me based on the strengths that already exist in me.

Six Projects Selected 
(Video Link of Live Facebook Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/LeadershipMedinaCounty/videos/10154529074113118/)

  1. Cooperative Community Services: Jan Bennett, Kathy Wilbraham, Lisa Earle, and Mindy Kmiec
  2. United Way of Medina County: Jessica Heid, Mark Dzurec, Rachel Krauss, Jody Wheaton, Kathy Herte, and Jamie Stilla
  3. Kitten Krazy: Madalyn Kolarik, Stephanie Zingaro, Brian Condit, Amy Annico, Rebecca Byrne, Laura Maslyk, Cheryl Murrin, Karen Gaub, David Ferrell, and George Brown
  4. Medina Farmer’s Market: Heather Wuensch, Matthew Hagge, Jenn Gray, Suzy Addleman, Frank Longley, Jeff Worcester, Dave Afanador, Sandy Hinkle
  5. First Impression: Mike English, Will Bertemes, Jill Michalski, Christy Rickbrodt, Rochelle Thomas, and Laura Armbruster
  6. Brunswick Area Historical Society: Shelley Tender, Jen Oberg, and Cheryl Parzych

This class year is off to a great start. The Leadership Medina County Board of Trustees and I are proud to have these 40 outstanding leaders in the Signature Program!


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