If you asked Adam Friedrick why local goverment works so well, he would say it is because of subsidiarity – local governement handles issues at the lowest level. The Class of 2019 explored the workings of local government and safety forces and the impact it makes in Medina County.

“I appreciated Commissioner Frederick’s lecture this morning. It was done with humor and relevant stories. Magistrate Lewis at the JDC was incredible. The history she provided was enlightening. I also appreciated learning about Alternative Paths and the Drug Task Force. Learning about all of the services in our county — and the efforts toward rehabilitation — was extremely helpful.” Robin Dillon

“Medina County has a very well developed system with dealing with juveniles which is designed to help and support them.” Andrea Reedy

“It really struck me that some kids are repeat offenders on purpose in order to get back to the structure and care at the juvenile detention center, yet I was happy to see how much the staff really cares about the kids.” Ruth Crane

“I had two moments from the day. The first was listening to Commissioner Friedrick speak. I valued a lot of his advice, but it was extremely refreshing to hear a leader stand up and openly ask “How did I allow / what role did I play in the bad habits within my organization”. I was also amazed that out of the three cities represented by mayors, all three were operated very differently.” Dustin Fowkes

Meeting the Mayors

Trying the “loaf.”

At Medina Fire Department

At Montville Police Department

With the Medina County Sheriff K-9

Listening to the Medina County EMA

With Commissioner Friedrick


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