Why I stay involved with Leadership Medina County…

I went through Junior Leadership several years ago, graduating with the class of 2013. I remain heavily involved with Leadership Medina County today, and I am very glad that I do, as I have continued to learn more and more as time has gone on. Junior Leadership didn’t end at graduation for me, my journey with the program just took a turn and kept on going.

In our fast-paced society, there is no shortage of things to be involved in. If we aren’t careful, it’s easy to get involved in so many that we can hardly devote the time required by each one. To keep our sanity, we must make choices. Here is why I choose to stay involved with Leadership Medina County:

  • The program changed my life, and I want to see it continue. My year in Junior Leadership caused me to think differently. Hearing the incredible life stories of others made me think about what I wanted my own story to sound like someday. Junior Leadership started many years ago as a class project of the Signature Program, and it has continued because many people have continued to support it. Now it’s my turn to play a part.
  • I can make a difference. Every time I tag along on a program day I can share my experiences, my advice, my mistakes, and my successes with students who are at a critical point in their lives. If just one thing I say makes the life of one of these kids better, simpler, or even less confusing, I have made a difference.
  • The people. Ultimately, it is the people that make any organization great. From the incoming classes and the alumni to the staff and the board of trustees, Leadership Medina is filled with incredible people who truly care about our community and are trying to make a difference in the world. It’s hard not to want to be a part of something like that.

The success of an organization like Leadership Medina County is dependent on its ability to engage with its members – both during and after the course of the programming. Graduation may mark the “end” of the program year for each class, but whether it marks the end of involvement with Leadership Medina County is entirely up to the individual. Year after year, alumni from Junior Leadership, Emerging Leaders, and the Signature Program continue to stay involved with the organization, helping with program days, joining planning committees, working in the office, and running the board. The commitment shown by the Alumni who have completed the programs is a true testament to the strength of the organization and the value it brings to the community.


Johnny Hojnacki is a Junior Leadership Alumnus, a Junior at The University of Akron, and a Trustee for Leadership Medina County


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Why do you stay connected to LMC as an alumnus?                                                                         (Networking, access to directory, continuing educational opportunities, access to events, other)

How are you benefitting from being an active LMC alumnus?

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  1. Susan Ungham on at

    I stay connected to Leadership Medina County because I didn’t want my signature year to end!

    I loved learning about our wonderful county, from seeing industrial robots to meeting cows up close and personal. The opportunity to meet and connect with leaders from fields other than my own was invaluable and eye-opening. Making a difference to our community through our team’s class project with the fantastic residents at Medina Creative Housing was heart-warming.

    How could I let all that end with my class year in 2013? So I didn’t let it end!

    I stayed involved on committees and was invited to join the board. I attend LMC workshops to know the issues in Medina County. My connection at Medina Creative Housing led directly to the construction of a coffeehouse staffed by MCH residents inside Brunswick Library, which has been a win-win situation for all.

    Get the most out of your signature year by not letting it end with graduation!

  2. Rick Dumperth on at

    Meetings, events and encounters with alumni energize me! Leadership is the common denominator from which a floodgate opens, exposing me to knowledge, experiences, and profound positivity. Alumni are so giving of themselves. Willing to step forward when a task is at hand. The problem-solving dynamics and thought processing is incredible given the broad base of alumni that share their vision and experiences.

    Leadership Medina County gives me a sense of purpose & fulfillment. It is an ever-expanding horizon that continues to open my eyes. I enjoy the constant flow of ideas, meeting the new class every year.

    Our recent out & about at the Log Cabin Shop in Lodi:
    While the focus was on the history of muzzle loading guns in Ohio, the presentation unfolded into a broad conversation of early settlers that included reading excepts from diaries. These gave us vivid personal views of life at that time. The presentation shifted to real time, as we learned about the struggle to fund the preservation of historical artifacts and stir interest in history in our communities, particularly in our youth. We learned of this business, its formation, and the quest to carry it forward with a third generation family member. We learned so much in a short amount of time. Well worth the time spent, and all for free!

    I would like LMC to develop a broader, better connection to the business community. We have so much to offer.The qualities of leadership are needed at all levels.

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