Soprema was Supreme!

I thought I would share with you my favorite comment from last week’s Junior Leadership day:

“Thank you for the day, I found it engaging and I really learned a lot. I also enjoyed sleeping in and having it in Wadsworth, it made me feel a little proud of my city for some reason. But thank you for a fun day! Also I enjoyed the food, per usual!”

As we travel around the county every month, we switch up the venues to not only highlight companies and service organizations, but also the uniqueness of our area and its three largest cities: Medina, Brunswick, and Wadsworth. The initial purpose of Leadership Medina County was twofold: to bring together business leaders and use their skills to advance community service programs and to bring us together as a county.

It is incredible to watch these 45 students from 6 different high schools work, learn, and bond together in this very unique program. Last Tuesday, we visited the Soprema Center which houses WCTV, the Soprema Senior Center, the YMCA, and the Soprema Café.

A taping session at WCTV

Cathy Posner of Transition Consulting and Coaching, presented information to the students on resumes, LinkedIn, and self-branding. Nancy Likens took them on a tour of the Senior Center and clarified that senior life in Wadsworth is way beyond playing Bingo! Soprema Café, open to the public, provided us with a fantastic pasta buffet.

One mostaccioli left

Our amazing lunch was sponsored by Soprema, Inc. and Amber Genet from their marketing department popped in to discuss scholarship opportunities.

While we have a lot of fun during our program days, we never stop learning. Even after the day is finished, students are sent an evaluation form for comments and suggestions on each segment of the day. This modeling of constructive criticism and feedback is another example of how we help them see themselves as the leaders we want them to become.  I can’t say it enough times: this is a fantastic group and Medina County should be proud!


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