Signature Class Selects Four Projects

Thanks to a team of alumni and community volunteers, the following diverse projects were presented to the Signture Class during the Opening Retreat. Interested in helping or have an idea for the future? Contact to get involved.

Plastic Pollution

Nathan Eppink and Cheryl Murrin

Description: According to a 2017 National Geographic, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled and recycling in the U.S. has remained at nine percent since 2012. This project team in collaboration with a Junior Leadership team of five or six students will learn about current Recycle-Reduce-Reuse Programs in Medina County, research the local plastic issue, and find out how other communities are addressing plastic pollution. Finally, the project team will develop a plan of action and implement the plan.

Team: Amber McClain, Andrea Reedy, Jamie Marks, Jeremy Webb, Joseph Kott, Kara Wolff, Kelly Prostor, Lissette Rivera, and Maureen Dowell



Point-in-Time Count

Sandra Frommeyer

Description: The Point-in-Time Count (also known as PIT) is an annual count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons on a single night in January. This year it will take place across the national on January 25, 2019 when unsheltered individuals are most likely to be present. Required nationally by HUD (Housing and Urban Development), the PIT Count provides a snapshot of homelessness in Medina County, and it is a critical element for measuring progress in cross-agency efforts to end homelessness. Additionally, it helps to determine the number of people who are experiencing homelessness at a given point in time. Successful communities across the country have involved volunteers to improve the Point-In-Time Count. The class team will assist with the PIT Count, recruit volunteers, and create a way to engage the homeless with services.

Team: Annette Wissel, Cindy Phillips, Derek Pratt, Jill Teubl, Joe Zingaro, Michael Smiechowski, Richard Muniak, Richard Shewbridge, Ruth Crane, and Sherry McGraw

Cheryl Parzych and James Gerspacher


Description: This project follows the work of Class of 18’s project in which they educated themselves on Medina County’s transportation landscape of needs, resources and gaps with the vison to improve access to transportation in Medina County.  Their work was to develop strategies to eliminate transportation barriers that impede access for residents in need.  A final report was delivered to the Medina County Commissioners and community leaders.  Phase II will be informed by this work as a new project team undertakes a specific area of focus in transportation.


  • Access the members and findings of the Phase I project to assimilate a working knowledge of transportation in Medina County
  • Select one of the transportation initiatives below, or agree to one of your own, then develop a workable solution and plan to fulfill
  • Complete the Phase II project by either delivering your solution directly or marshalling the community resource commitments that will deliver your solution during the coming year


  • Improve multimodal awareness of current services through signage, maps, databases, etc.
  • Improve access/availability to alternative transportation such as walking, biking, car sharing, etc.
  • Research other similarly-situated communities to see how they’ve addressed their transportation needs; recommend models
  • Research possible funding opportunities for transportation improvement and recommend community collaborations that would increase success
  • Select a single population, such as older adults, and work with them to increase confident use of current transit options to support their lives
  • Other – team’s choice

Team: Carey Bates, Edward Kinney, Jennifer Moore, Jessica Hazeltine, Kristopher Conwill, Matthew McKelvy, Nancy Peacock, Pamela Crombie, and Troy McClowry

Lifetime Leaders

Laura Toth, Lynn Emmons, and Erin Cline

Description: Fifteen years ago, the Class of 2003, started Junior Leadership as a class project. This year, the Class of 2019 will have the opportunity to create and launch a new program designed for retired individuals who seek to share their wealth of experience and leadership in a significant capacity within Medina County.

Team: Debra Oda, Drew Hall, Dustin Fowkes, Kent Morgan, Kimberly Oliver, Lisa Keltz, Lisa Loveless, Mary Raitano, Robin Dillon, and Tara Haley

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