Quotes of Note

What happened today that struck you?

The level of thoughtful programing we have in the JDC and jail to help people get their lives on track.
Cheryl Parzych

While incarceration is not meant to be a walk in the park I was truly impressed with the cleanliness layout and opportunities that people have while being either in the detention or county jail. While restrictive is does give opportunity to change and that is certainly a good thing. Kudos to Medina County.
Sandy Hinkle

The variety of government agencies that are in the county. I have heard of a lot of them but being able to talk to them one on one and see what they provide was very enlightening.
Jenn Gray

Medina County is truly filled with agencies who care about the people they are serving and who will go the extra step to make a positive impact!
Rebecca Byrne

What surprised you the most?

The level of commitment the township trustees have to providing the best level of services while being fiscal responsible. They work hard to make the best decisions for their township and the community as a whole.
Stephanie Zingaro

I was very surprised to hear that Ohio has one of the largest drug problems in the country.
Karen Gaub

Food Loaf….
Dave Afanador

Our interaction with ODJFS during the scavenger hunt was surprisingly pleasant efficient and informative.
Will Bertemes

How many townships were part of Medina County.
Mindy Kmiec

What made you curious to learn more?

There’s so much I don’t know. Listening trustees speak about their roles and how the townships are run makes me want to be involved much more.
Jeff Worcester

The county home.  It was briefly talked about from a scenario scavenger hunt and I had never realized it was here in our county.  I will go check it out.
Jennifer Oberg

Ohio Means Jobs visit. I think there is a lot they offer that a lot of people don’t realize. I would like to learn more.
Laura Armbruster

How will you apply what you learned today?

It actually makes me strive to just be a better person everyday and to keep being kind because you never know who is going through what!
Madalyn Kolarik

I feel like I’ve learned so much about the services offered in Medina County things I had no idea were happening while rushing around taking care of the daily things that make up a life. I feel like if I or someone I know needs help I’ll have the tools to at least get everything in the right direction.
Suzy Addleman

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