Putting the Venture in Adventure

This month, members of Junior Leadership are going to be introduced to eight (8) community projects called “Ventures” that they can sign up for and work on throughout the year.

How does it work?
Programs that provide services to Medina County residents come forward with ideas that the Juniors can work on. The ideas are vetted and then presented to the class as a whole, much like the projects the Signature Class completes. The Juniors are able to sign up for ones that pique their interest. Projects begin this month and are completed before graduation in March.

How do they manage such a long-term project?
While the projects are student driven, each project has an Ally or liaison to help them reach their goals. Additionally, they will attend seminars led by Gelin Camp ’16 and Cathy Posner of Transition Consulting and Coaching to discuss project planning and leveraging the skills and tools they already possess.

How are these projects funded?
United Way of Medina County generously funds the Ventures by allowing students to participate in a “Shark Tank” exercise where they present business plans and funding needs before a panel.

So what are the Ventures this year?
I can’t tell you yet. They will be revealed to the Junior Leadership Class on September 21 and then be made known to the public. Stay tuned!

Can I Get Involved?
Yes! Please contact Carrie Park at carrie@leadershipmedinacounty.org to chat!

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