Preserving the Past to Inspire the Future

Preserving the Past to Inspire the Future is a Signature Class of 2022 Project

The Preserving the Past to Inspire the Future project members are interviewing and preserving stories about three Medina County residents that have not been shared already. Filming will take place at Western Reserve Masonic Community. They are also creating a 2-3 minute video highlighting the project and featuring the members of the project team and will be shown as part of the class project presentation at graduation on May 11, 2022 at the Blair Conference Center.

These videos will be stored by the Medina County District Library in their official archives.

About Preserving the Past to Inspire the Future

We were inspired by Joann King who wrote the book about Letha House. Letha’s story will live on in print for future generations to read about her charitable work and love for this community. We know there are stories of Medina County residents who have done great things that should be preserved as part of our history. Our goal is to create three videos of current residents’ stories that have not been shared already. We have found a videographer who is willing to film and put together the videos for us. Our group is tasked with finding these stories; determining interview questions; working with organizations like Medina County Historical Society; Medina County District Library; Main Street Medina, Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce; and others to help preserve and share the videos that we create. Our goal is to inspire others to give back to our community… in both big and small ways!

Group Members:

  • Dennis DeCamillo
  • Debbie Reeves
  • Connie Sureck
  • Jason French
  • Allison Naso
  • Matt Razavi
  • Stephanie Mueller

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