Passionate Leadership

By Susan Vlcek, Junior Leadership Medina County Director

The Jr. Leadership Class of 2016 is nearing completion.  Our traditional final program day is Local Government Day. Also traditionally it is the most highly-rated day of the year.

These ratings are in part generated because of unique opportunities for students to see behind-the-scenes leadership and governance in action.  Speaking with a mayor or commissioner, sitting in a courtroom, or walking through a detention facility open a whole new vision of your community.

Yet the greatest impact comes from seeing and hearing the passion of the people who have committed their lives to making Medina County stronger one person, one program, one purpose at a time.

“When we visited the jail it made me think of what we could do to help the people inside. The sheriff told us about what kind of programs they have to help the inmates with their addictions to drugs and alcohol. It really surprised me to find out that there is a lot of help that is provided to change their lives.” 

“Hearing Judge Collier made me excited to think about how I can love what I do and help people while I’m doing it.”

“It was amazing to see how much people care about kids in our community. I always thought ‘juvie’ was about punishment. But they really want to help kids have a better life.”

To all who came from our courts, detention centers, counseling services and even to share their personal experiences: you made a lasting impression and impact on the path of our young leaders.  Thank you.

“I’m glad that I was able to do Junior Leadership – it has opened my eyes to our world and community.”

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