Our Value is Crystal Clear!

Who has celebrated a 15th anniversary?  Back in the day, the traditional gift for reaching this milestone was some item, large or small, made of crystal.  For the earlier milestones, before you had shown this rather sizable personal commitment, you got gifts made from less valuable, less sparkly materials like paper, wood or tin.  After 15 years, it was pretty clear you were all in and worthy of the investment.

Fifteen years ago, Junior Leadership was a well-developed experiment.  Today, 547 alumni later, it has proved its worth.  At our Mar. 22 graduation banquet current class members and alumni shared the fruits of their commitment to the program.  They are bountiful.

Keynote speaker John Davis, JrLMC Class of 2006 alumnus and current Nursing Director of Inpatient and Emergency Services at Medina Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, shared how his interaction with current JrLMC class members revealed their leadership, passion and professionalism.  He offered them support and encouragement built from his years of growth: “I was able to overcome barriers because of this program.  It is because of ‘failures’ and facing adversity that I have become the person I am today.”

Crystal forms slowly yet dynamically.  It relies on everything in its environment. With time and support, it becomes a strong, beautiful creation – one that has no limits as to how large it can grow.

Thank you to John, Class of 2018 alumni, and everyone who has supported the growth of Jr. Leadership over the last 15 years.  Be assured you have created a thing of beauty.

On to the next milestone.  Our young people are all in and worthy of the investment.

See and read more about our wonderful evening of celebration as shared by Russ and Angie Huston in Medina County Life.


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