New Year, New Milestone!


If there is anything more hopeful than a summer day, it would be adding an incredible group of young people who are forward-thinking and focused on being their best for our world.  That’s what our selection committee picked on a June morning. I love a sunflower and a fresh sweet pepper,  but this harvest will always be our greatest bounty!

Nest month we will open our doors to the 15th Junior Leadership class – more evidence that, just like a garden,  a healthy organization grows naturally.  Welcome to our 43 latest and greatest – the cream of the crop!

Junior Leadership Medina County Class of 2018

Archbishop Hoban

Charlotte Turk


Alison Kinnan

Colton Krebs

Amanda Pizon

Megan Taylor

Samantha Zac


Natalie Bartlett

Alexander Demagall

Brady Vickerts


Caitlin Brown

George Gillespie

McKenna Jordan

Diana Rice


Nick Davis

Angelina Gentilin

Alex King

Matthew K’Meyer

Sadie Nayman


Melissa Farthing

Angela Piloseno

Alex Turcheck


Hallie Auth

Jared Delac

Olivia Ferris

Paige Gibault

Ali Horner

Paige Johnson

Lillian Kim

Ella Rasper

Deeya Rodrigues

Claire Schmeller

Hannah Schuck


Jordan Barnhart

Lexi Cogley

Theodora Farson

Secilia Ho

Jacob McDevitt

Leah McNutt

Matt Moore

Hannah Saylor

Sarah Takenaka

Abby Winkler

Walsh Jesuit

Jessica Mueller



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