Nature Spoke and LMC Listened

For years, Leadership Medina County has combined topics on the Environment with Quality of Life for one powerhouse day. What is quality of life? If you ask a group of people you will likely get varying answers. Quality of life for communities does look different from individual quality of life. It’s easy to take for granted or dismiss the quality of life we enjoy today. Not that long ago, access to libraries, art, parks, and music were only for the upper class. Groups like ORMACO, Medina County Art League, Medina Arts Council and Cliffside Artists Collaborative bring the arts to the public to enjoy.

Why should leaders discuss the environment? Clean water, animal shelters, and land conservancy have been important topics over the years with our leadership classes. Medina County’s sewage treatment has improved practices that are environmentally friendly and an example across the country. Places like the Raptor Center provide a safe place for raptors to recover and safely live. Raptors play an important role in the food chain. Groups like the Western Reserve Land Conservancy help us remember to think about saving green space for our future.

Environment and Quality of Life Day has many aha moments. Watch the video recap below and read some comments from the class about their day.

The Raptor Center was so much more than I expected. The passion for wildlife and community was impressive. I loved the grass roots story of how the center developed and how it has grown. Tara Haley

Each class day I continue to be impressed with the genuine love, devotion and commitment people have for their jobs and the community. This day was no different. Carey Bates

My aha moment was when we were at the Waste Treatment Plant. To learn that they are on the way to becoming a net-zero facility was amazing. Joe Zingaro

There are so many things I do without thinking that can potentially negatively impact other living organisms and even negatively impact myself. I hope to pause more often and consider how my decisions may impact others. Kent Morgan

I can’t articulate just one “aha” moment. I continue to be impressed with the vast number of opportunities available to the people of Medina County. The Cliffside Artists Collaborative is a hidden gem and the county park system is amazing! Robin Dillon

I was particularly impressed with Dr. Kass and his ability to play the organ. I was also very surprised to know he broadcast a radio show, and sometimes a tv show, from his residence. He had an excellent collection commemorating many years of radio history. Ed Kinney

To see all the parks and preserves in county. I had no idea there were so many tucked Into neighborhoods as well as rural areas. The Raptor rescue was great! So much knowledge Shared with us. Sherry McGraw

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