Message from the In-Coming President

By Susan Ungham, LMC Board President 2017-2018

When Colleen asked me to write an article as the incoming president of Leadership Medina County’s board of trustees, I thought it was a great idea.  When I sat down to write the article, I was no longer so sure that writing an article was such a great idea.  I struggled with what to write.  Maybe this has happened to you, too.  I wanted my message to stir you all with renewed excitement about LMC and all that it does, but that is such a tall order.  After some more thought, I decided that the best I can do is to speak to you from my heart.  Who am I?   Why do I stay connected to LMC?


Who am I?  I am a Dolphin with very strong Owlish tendencies.  I am a retired Brunswick Library Manager.  I am a member of the Visionary Class of 2013.  Helping other people through educating and informing is very important to me, and I want that help to live on into the future.  I am an idea person, and learning is a lifelong passion of mine.


Why do I stay connected to LMC?  I stay connected to LMC because I didn’t want my signature year to end!  I loved learning about our wonderful county, from seeing industrial robots to meeting cows up close and personal. The opportunity to meet and connect with leaders from fields other than my own was invaluable and eye-opening. Making a difference to our community through our team’s class project with the fantastic residents at Medina Creative Housing was heart-warming.


How could I let all these experiences end with my class year in 2013? So I decided to not let it end!  I stayed involved on committees and was invited to join the board.  I attended LMC workshops to know the issues in Medina County. My connection at Medina Creative Housing led directly to the construction of a coffeehouse staffed by MCH residents inside Brunswick Library, which has been a win-win situation for all.  Get the most out of your signature year by not letting it end with graduation!


In the future, I would like to see more alumni involvement in LMC and to innovate with some new programs and events.  I hope to see many of you at LMC programs, events, workshops, and committee meetings this year!

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