Meet the Signature Class of 2019

Photo by John Lohn
Photo by John Lohn

First Row Left to Right: Mary Raitano, Jill Teubl, Cindy Phillips, Jessica Hazeltine, Pamela Crombie, Amber McClain, Jenn Moore, Joe Kott, Kris Conwill, Nancy Peacock, and Sherry McGraw.

Middle Row Left to Right: Lisa Loveless, Kara Wolff, Robin Dillon, Lissette Rivera, Andrea Reedy, Debbie Oda, Kimberly Oliver, Mike Smiechowski, Kelly Prostor, Ruth Crane, Tara Haley, Maureen Dowell, and Jamie Marks.

Back Row Left to Right: Edward Kinney, Matt McKelvy, Rick Shewbridge, Annette Wissel, Carey Bates, Joe Zingaro, Lisa Keltz, Derek Pratt, Troy McClowry, Richie Muniak, Kent Morgan, Jeremy Webb, Drew Hall, and Dustin Fowkes.

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Opening Retreat

What was your aha moment?

Dr. Taylor discussed how our conversations should help move us forward. This is a quote that will always remain with me! I will use this this mantra both personally and professionally!

Tara Haley

My aha moment was remembering over 30 names in one day is possible, along with how my Temperament plays a role in how I work in group settings.

Derek Pratt

My aha moment came in our last session together when people were remarking on how this group had become an important part of their professional lives and they could rely on every person for that support. I thought to myself "This is so true!"

Nancy Peacock

My aha moment was that we talked more about us as people than about what we did for work. It wasn't about finding out what people did for a living, it was more about learning about the person.

Joe Zingaro

I realized when we were doing the name game that we're all just people trying to do our best in our lives, both personally and professionally, and want to have a little fun while doing it.

Ruth Crane

What clicked for me was hearing about the challenges facing the community and the projects that were aligned to those needs. It really connected the role we play to a larger community effort.

Matt McKelvy

It was so fascinating to see the room split off into their different "animal" groups (temperaments). I learned a lot about my classmates. It was very eye opening!

Kelly Prostor

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