Leadership Medina County Launches a New Leadership Program


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Leadership Medina County Launches a New Leadership Program

{Medina County, Ohio} March 9, 2020— Leadership Medina County (LMC) recently announced the addition of a new leadership program, the LEAD Institute. The announcement was made at three Program Preview Parties in Medina, Brunswick, and Wadsworth this past month. The LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) Institute is designed for professionals seeking leadership development or those looking to further their leadership skills. This program will expand and replace LMC’s Emerging Leader program.

“Emerging Leaders was a very good program. After doing a full assessment of the program, participants and their employers, we are making changes to align LEAD with the professional development and skills needed in today’s business. Beyond traditional development, businesses are looking for skills to help leaders grow their confidence in areas like critical thinking and emotional intelligence,” said Terri Greene, Leadership Medina County Director of the LEAD Institute and Community.

LEAD is designed to fulfill LMC’s purpose of inspiring and equipping leaders to be better and do better, which supports both new leaders and those looking to advance their career. The program is designed to grow professional confidence, challenge participants to think differently and learn new skills alongside a network of peers from across Medina County.

The LEAD curriculum is a blend of content developed by LMC, the Kansas Leadership Center and other professional organizations. There are nine classes that runs from September (2020) through May (2021). Participants must submit their applications by the August 1, 2020 deadline, and enrollment is limited to 40 participants. Individual classes will also be offered to the public and active alumni of LMC. For more information, the class schedule, and how to apply visit https://leadershipmedinacounty.org/lead/

“For 30 years, the LMC experience has taken leaders out of their comfort zones to challenge long-held assumptions and embrace multiple perspectives, while connecting them through their shared passion for Medina County,” said Colleen Rice, Leadership Medina County Executive Director. “These leaders have proven that change can happen when creativity, ingenuity and hard work collide, and these same ingredients can improve the quality of life for the whole county.”

Leadership Medina County is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that offers leadership development through four custom programs designed for different phases in an individual’s leadership journey – from new to legacy leaders. Learn how LMC can transform how you see yourself, your organization, and your community by visiting  www.leadershipmedinacounty.org or calling 330-721-7118.


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