LEAD Institute Talent DNA Revealed

With the help of Judy Bodenhamer and Perry Recchio, we recently revealed the LEAD Institute’s “talent DNA” at RPM’s beautiful lodge. We already knew they were one of a kind. But who knew the combinations of talents are so unique that the chance that two people share the same top five CliftonStrengths themes in the same order is an astonishing one in 33 million?

Photos by Brooklyn Media

By understanding your strengths through the CliftonStrengths assessment, you can better understand how to use them in combination with each other and as part of a larger framework for success. You can also develop strategies for applying strengths in order to achieve your goals, such as leveraging strengths to overcome weaknesses or developing strengths that you haven’t yet fully explored. Whatever the case may be, CliftonStrengths can help you make the most of what makes you unique: you are one in 33 million!

Here are some insights from the class:

“I loved the idea that people will work more efficiently, cohesively, and overall more easily if their personal strengths are being exercised within their workplace.” Gabby Pagura, The Biz Hive

“I really enjoy empirical assessments like this – it really helps visualize my strengths. Basically, lean into what you’re already good at, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades, master of none.” Joshua Holland-Gresock, Holland & Muirden, Attorneys at Law

“I liked hearing others Leadership Strengths it showed me a bigger picture of the overall concept.” Dawn Blue, Wolff Bros Supply Inc

“I thought it was useful to hear about how others perceived themselves with the pictures. It had me think about what I saw first in the picture then how other people saw it.” Casey Shirey, Luke Engineering

“I realize that these strengths on my good days work well. I also noticed in the descriptions the weaknesses that come out on my bad days.” Cary Granakis, Serenite Restaurant and Culinary Institute

“Focusing on harnessing your strengths vs trying to improve only on your weaknesses will make you a stronger leader.” Ashley Spencer, Smith Bros. Inc.

“I loved the idea of building your team based on strengths. It seems like a given but diving deeper could really solve a lot of issues. I thought back to different teams I’ve worked with, and I had light bulb moments pertaining to specific people.” Stephanie Reed, Non Profit/Community Volunteer

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