Just a Sprinkle

Sprinkles aren’t just for donuts.

I’m passing along a technique that Shelly Wharton, LMC ’16, uses in her role as Clinical Operations Director at SHC/The Arc of Medina County. When she wants to reward her staff, she gives out Sprinkles. It’s generally a small token of appreciation; a word, a card, a lunch. Something that is significant to the receiver. I’m not saying she just invented the wheel, but sometimes we forget the simple ways in which we can successfully motivate our employees. For fun, here is a TOP 5 list of what you can do to help keep your employees happy, engaged, and motivated:


·        Use management and leadership actions that empower employees

·        Have transparent and regular communication about factors important to employees

·        Treat employees with respect

·        Provide regular employee recognition

·        Positively manage employees within a success framework of goals, measurements, and clear expectations.

Go forth and Sprinkle!

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