Junior Leadership Reflections

Years – 15

Alumni – 548

Lessons and memories – countless

A we celebrate this milestone, we are asking our alumni to share their reflections on their Junior Leadership journey and beyond.  We begin with one of our most recent graduates, Ben Mullins.  A 2017 JrLMC alumnus, Ben is still actively participating in our program, serving as an intern in our office and mentoring current students at retreats and with their Community Impact Ventures.  His reflections:

Jr. Leadership was, and still is, one of the best activities I’ve ever been involved in. While in the program itself I learned so much about being a leader that I will take with me through college and my career. I learned more about my own personal strengths and how to use them in a group setting. JrLMC was also a wonderful opportunity to meet many great leaders with various strengths. Through the program I’ve built new relationships that I feel will last a very long time.

After graduating from JrLMC, I began an internship that lets me stay involved with the program I love. I feel very lucky to be able to assist with the program that benefitted me so much.


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