Junior Leadership Announces Next Class

Junior Leadership Medina County is proud to announce the Class of 2022. The program is open to students entering their junior year of high school who are looking for ways to serve their community and meet new people.

“This program develops student skills in leadership, professionalism, communication and team building,” said Junior Leadership Director, Carrie Park. “It’s a great opportunity for students to meet juniors from other schools across the county and interact with many community leaders.”

The class year begins in August and ends in April. The class meets once a month. The focus of the program is a trifecta of learning: individual strengths, teamwork skills, and philanthropic engagement. Based on Best Practices, Junior Leadership helps students refine their goals and recognize what they have to offer. By meeting with community leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs, students are encouraged to formulate their own pathways and see that the future is truly what they make it.

Carly Eckert, Black River

Noah Hopek, Black River

Ivey Neff, Black River

Teddi Vonderau, Black River

Tarak Doshi, Brunswick

Savannah Kemp, Buckeye/MCCC

Jenna Shepard, Buckeye

Mailley Bohan, Cloverleaf

Elisabeth Hilton, Cloverleaf

Emma Malikowski, Cloverleaf

Liam Stephens, Cloverleaf

Ethan Vaughn, Cloverleaf

Jordyn Barr, Highland

Ella Clapper, Highland/MCCC

Sarayu Gogisetty, Highland

Elijah Hadler, Highland

Noah Holland, Highland

Eva Hollingsworth, Highland *senior teen facilitator

Kallan Hrics, Highland

Dylan Jones, Highland

Simona Kozul, Highland *senior teen facilitator

Mia LaPinta, Highland

Nandini Pande, Highland

Regan Popson, Highland

Adam Ricco, Highland

Courtney Saunders, Highland

Megan Scavuzzo, Highland

Bryce Shepard, Highland

Hayley Zugaro, Highland

Lauren Schulze, Lutheran West

Trinity Bonitz, Medina

MaKayla Burton, Medina

Samantha Colbert, Medina

Lexi Davis Romine, Medina

Ella DiCola, Medina

Hope Givelekian, Medina/MCCC

Zach Graham, Medina

Marina Halkiadakis, Medina

Lindsey Hallock, Medina

Kaitlin Horner, Medina

Matthew Horner, Medina

Lydia Ilg, Medina

Colleen Johnson, Medina

Allison Klinge, Medina

Macy Maxworthy, Medina

Rudy Neil, Medina

Emma O’Neill, Medina

Preston Pennington, Medina

Mylie Roberts, Medina

Nathan Sabol, Medina

Sophie Schoch, Medina

Ella Silvis, Medina

Autumn Brown, Wadsworth

Christina Chen, Wadsworth

Katie Farnsworth, Wadsworth

Julia Fortner, Wadsworth

Sophia Fry, Wadsworth

Maggie Galvin, Wadsworth

Mya Garcia, Wadsworth

Emma Hitch, Wadsworth

Kayla Kerstetter, Wadsworth

Matthew Kittle, Wadsworth

Molly Kubilus, Wadsworth

Grace Maslyk, Wadsworth

Kianna McEwen, Wadsworth

Brayden Probst, Wadsworth

Grace Swain, Wadsworth/4CC

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