The Journey Through Education Has Become More Relevant

Leadership Medina County ventured back to school this week. We journeyed to Buckeye and the Medina County Career Center. We heard from school officials about the need to educate students about what really matters. What does really matter? What’s relevant to this generation of learners?

Teaching resiliency helps students withstand adversity. That’s what really matters.

How are schools teaching resiliency in Medina County? They are helping them get to the finish line when all the odds are against them. They are providing opportunities and educators who care. They keep the main thing, the main thing. They encourage students to challenge and stretch themselves in the face of failure.

Patti Hetkey sums it up best, “The journey through education has become more relevant. It is more about the individual finding their potential and supporting it in the way the student needs.”

Dave Parish, Buckeye Schools, shared the following video with us, called “What Students Really Need to Hear.” Check it out. We encourage alumni to stay connected with your home school district by getting involved and attending meetings.

Class Day Photos

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