Inspiring Alternate Pathways to Prosperity

Inspiring Alternate Pathways to Prosperity is a Signature Class of 2022 Project

The Inspiring Alternate Pathways to Prosperity group has been meeting with Medina County residents who have been successful in life by taking an alternative path that didn’t involve post secondary education.  Today attending a university or college is not the pathway for all high school graduates due to the high cost of an education, changes with the pandemic, and those who simply don’t want to spend more time in a classroom.  However, many students don’t always know about alternative options.  This group is interviewing and creating short videos that will be shared with Medina County High Schools to help students learn about all options if attending college isn’t for them. 

About Inspiring Alternate Pathways to Prosperity

We were inspired by this project because with the recent pandemic, college has become less desirable for some high school students.  And Medina County is looking for employees to live and work in Medina County.  We want to make sure we are tapping into this valuable resource of our graduates and encourage them to seek employment after high school and stay local.  This can lead to advancement opportunities and possible future educational opportunities when they are ready.  Our ultimate goal is to continue to support our Medina County graduates and our local businesses knowing that our graduates are an important resource to the success of our community and they can be prosperous in the future here in Medina County.

Group Members

  • Heidi Armentrout
  • Lyndsey Conrad
  • Bryan Lefelhoc
  • Jodie Mcinnes
  • Anne Nelson
  • Carey Price
  • Alison Priebe
  • Andrew Schuler
  • Rob Starcher
  • Bradford Toth
  • Tara Zick 

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