Graduation or Bust!

Two class days down and graduation to go. Put on your seatbelt, because the Self-Driven Class found a lot to celebrate during Environment and Quality of Life Day and State Government Day. From architecture to art, from recycling to land conservancy, and from lobbying to the legislature they learned collaboration makes a difference in Medina County. Read some of the comments below from this self-driven group of leaders.

Environment and Quality of Life Day

  • So many interesting new Medina County facts to celebrate!  My aha moment was all of the online resources offered by MCDL – it makes so many things accessible!
  • The morning sessions gave me a new perspective on the importance of maintaining undeveloped land and how our laws are not necessarily designed to assist with that. The afternoon trips were great to see how we can improve the environment and help others in our community. The hike was fantastic and informative, so glad the weather cooperated!
  • It was emotional and inspiring to hear the journey Stan Allard took in planting over 100,000 trees on his farm. For me it was gripping to hear that Stan and Esther Allard donated their farm to Medina County Park District, restores the belief in the “genuine good” in society.
  • Sometimes leadership does not always mean looking at the bottom line but recognizing that the intangibles are important too. How you impact not just your business goals but the quality of the community involved with or affected by your business can be just as important to success.

State Government Day

  • I learned so much, I don’t know where to start. I always pictured the representatives having a room full of staff helping them and now I see that is not the case. I have a deeper respect for the amount of work that goes into the court processes.
  • It was very enlightening how humble Justice Kennedy, Senator Obhof, Representative Hambley, Kick, and Boggs were. They seemed very genuine and passionate about what they do.
  • Today gave me a better understanding of how our local government and officials work together, but also how we can empower ourselves to make an impact.
  • Sometimes people do not realize they are leaders until someone points it out to them. This realization can open the door for them fully grasp the impact they can have on making their community a better place. Leadership on all levels – local, state, federal – is about recognizing needs, embracing a responsibility role within change, and facing challenges and successes with passion, integrity and determination.
  • I felt such a sense of pride that Ohio has a rich history of leaders; both in the past and in the present. Our supreme court building and state house are absolutely beautiful and well maintained. I am so grateful the effort was taken to preserve the court house am keep it a part of our history.

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