The Face of Poverty has Changed but it is Still Here

Quotes and thoughts from the class and presenters gathered by Susy Lora ’18

 Poverty is still in Medina County….we work with it every day.

The face of poverty has changed but it is still here.

Transportation in Medina County is the biggest gap.

Take away what you can from today.

This was a great event; I loved participating.

It feels like things can just keep getting worse.

This is about experiences today and the reality in our community.

People need to know we have great resources to help towards self-sufficiency.

It’s great that Medina has resources for people who have unfortunate circumstances.

Family dynamics can speak to situations.

How do we help people become resource gatherers?

How do we break the cycle? (Of being in the same situation a parent has been in).

The sense of hope may be lost by people who have been in the situation for so long.

You never know someone’s story.

Something special about Medina County is the amount of resources and outreach programs.

What impact does technology have on poverty?

We need to give people a hand up … not a hand out.

This was an eye opening experience.

This was a life altering experience to see what goes on.

This day gave us a first -and look at what it is like to be in poverty.

How important kindness is when someone is in front of you and in need; I’m so thankful for kindness when it is needed.

I see how hard my family worked to get where they are.

For Medina being as affluent of a county as it is, to see the number of poverty and child abuse cases, the high numbers are surprising.

Medina is lucky to have a place like the Children’s Place with such passionate staff. They truly care about what they do.

It’s important for Medina County to unite and support recovery.

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