Brown-Trump Estate Changes Lives

by Kerrie Bellar, Bellar Events

On a chilly afternoon with ice and snow on the ground I went on a tour with some of my fellow class friends of the Hope Recovery Community Home at the old Brown-Trump Estate.

Medina Park District Director Nate Eppink invited us into the old house, as I entered the big house I was taken back in time with its décor and grandeur of what was once a proud house of its owners. Nate invited us to sit and begun with telling us about the history of the house.

Pictured: Nate Eppink

After learning of what the house was before this day, Nate explained to us of the new Park District collaboration for the three houses tucked away from the road.

As I walked the big house, I could see the future of Medina’s nonprofits using the space to benefit others. With the Grand central room with its high ceilings, ornate wallpaper that in sections is coming away from the wall I was taken back that the two men who own this house had gifted something to our community which has never been seen before. The collaboration between The Park District, Cathy’s house and Hope Recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

The enthusiasm of those involved was infectious, walking up the narrow stairs to see the attic which gave us the view that brings upon you a calmness and peace was something to behold.

As we were introduced to the second house it was humbling to see where many will get a fresh start. To see the work to preserve the second house while bringing it update to accommodate the need of those using it, with its choice of modern color and updates to the rooms and to know that many will make this a home to recover and start life new for themselves.

We got to see the grounds that will be converted to gardens to provide food which will help those right here in Medina County. The food grown here will be gifted to Feeding Medina County, which will benefit so many families in need.

The gratitude and inner emotions I felt have lasted until today, these three houses that are going to change the lives of many.

Sharing in rewarding work for the benefit of others is a wonderful way to help those who have experienced difficulties and you can’t help but be thankful for the great people in our community who are putting all of this together.

Medina County is blessed with many kind hearted people who truly give back to the community.

Kerrie is a graduate from the Signature Class of 2022 and is currently in the LEAD Institute Class of 2023. Contact our team to find out how you can join the next class.

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