Aren’t You Too Young to be Engaged?!

Sure, with age comes wisdom. We are careful not to jump into a commitment before we feel we are ready, and we look to those with more experience for guidance.

We learn that our healthiest relationships are the ones where we feel we are growing, that we are appreciated, and that we have something to offer; The relationships that make us better then we can be alone.

At the Junior Leadership opening retreat, 10 alumni from the JrLMC Class of 2017 came back and invested a day in relationship with the newest class members. Here the wisdom behind their decision in their own words:

I am incredibly thankful for my experience with Junior Leadership. I have developed a true love for the program and I am grateful for all that it has taught me about myself and Medina County. I have built amazing relationships and connections through it and I want to see and help other people go through as amazing of an experience as I did. I look forward staying connected with Junior Leadership and helping this year’s and future classes.                                                                                                               Alexis – Brunswick

Junior Leadership definitely gave me life skills for my future. I love this program because you can grow and enjoy yourself at the same time!                                                                                                       Trent – homeschool

I really loved this unique program because it was unlike anything else I had been in. It pushed me to think big and I want to help the future students to think even bigger.                                                      Regan – Wadsworth

Junior Leadership provided me with countless opportunities and lasting friendships that I am very thankful for. I want to remain involved so I can help others have the same fantastic experience that I did, and I love watching the program continue to develop and grow.                                                       Colin – Wadsworth

It was crazy to see how a year could pass by so quickly, and I am glad I took advantage of the time I had with amazing people. I hope to help the next class enjoy the same experience!                       Katherine – Brunswick

I stay involved in Jr. Leadership because I put a lot of time and effort into my class project and I want to see how something I worked so hard on continues to develop.                                                            Andrew Jariga – Wadsworth

I can honestly say Jr Leadership was the best experience of my life. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to stay involved in such an impactful program. I would love to help the program, and help the new students have a year as great as mine.                                                                                                  Ben – Buckeye

Junior Leadership was one of the greatest experiences I had throughout high school. I learned so many important lessons that I will carry with me and made some of the most incredible friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope that I can impact this year’s class the way the past alumni impacted me.   Ashland – Brunswick

The sooner we are engaged, the sooner we will recognize and mobilize our capacity as change agents. Our Junior Leadership alumni are investing in this relationship, and are eager to help others do the same. Because of this, we are all better.


Fully engaged! JrLMC Class of 2017 alumni give back.

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