Adapting to the Real World

How do you prepare students today for the jobs of tommorow? Medina County Schools are doing it every day with STEM and other outstanding programs preparing students for the real world. If you have not taken a tour at your local school district, we highly recommend taking the time to tour and get to know your schools. 

“The schools have really adapted to be more real world centered.  There is an effort to prepare children for real life job opportunities.  The emphasis on trades in addition to pre-college provides students with safety nets if they discover college is not their path.” Ed Kinney

“That the school districts seem to be more involved in other aspects of a child’s life in addition to just being responsible for educating. They see how an individual’s family life impacts their education. The career center is an amazing avenue for job training and skills. I was thoroughly impressed with their Superintendent and how he is making renovations without going to the tax payers. This is a difficult feat!” Carey Bates

“I’m proud that we have so many wonderful schools in Medina County for our kids. Additionally, I was deeply impressed by how student focused all of the schools/programs were; from the actual program, to the teacher, to the administrators.” Pamela Crombie

“Medina County offers students so many professional options. The Career Center should be recognized as the nation’s leader in that area.” Lissette Rivera

“My aha moment was when a couple school superintendents talked about how all the new school construction happened because of county sales tax revenue. We rigorously endorsed that tax when I was on the editorial board at the Gazette and it shows how an unconventional approach can really rejuvenate a school’s finances. It is so gratifying to see that all these years later, this extra money for new buildings has had such a wonderful result on schools throughout the county.” Nancy Peacock

“Schools are leveraging partnerships with industry to connect the learning and work they do to real world experience. It is encouraging to know that all kids have the opportunity to build a future that may or may not include college.  The school funding discussion and roundtable with the superintendents was also valuable.  The Black River District is an interesting case study in managing complexity on limited resources.” Matthew McKelvy

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