What do you have in common with these Medina Area leaders?

All of these leaders attended a Leadership Medina County (LMC) program. LMC is our community’s most trusted resource for leadership development, civic engagement, and professional development. For 30 years, the learning and network we offer has enabled over one thousand leaders to be the change they want to see in the world.

We offer an unmatched array of leadership programming to meet the unique needs of this community.  Our programs are designed to inspire, challenge and connect business and civic leaders, from all career stages and backgrounds.

From high school through retirement, LMC offers four leadership programs: Junior Leadership, The LEAD InstituteSignature Program, and Legacy Leaders. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn about your community and improve your leadership acumen, these programs are for you.

Contact our team to get on the wait list for the next program at info@leadershipmedinacounty.org or call us at 330-721-7118.


Shewbridge, Rick (2)

Dr. Richard Shewbridge

President, Medina Hospital
Class of 2019

“Leadership Medina County, with its collaborative approach to learning, connecting, and working on community projects, gets the best out of its participants.  This collaboration throughout the months-long process helps forge long-term community-based relationships which will benefit future civic endeavors.  Learning about, observing, and exercising different leadership styles is definitely a value-added part of the experience.”

Jennifer Bilek

Vice President for Human Resources and Community, Malone University
Class of 2020

"Leadership Medina County gave me the opportunity to learn about our county in ways that I could have never done on my own.  It provided me the opportunity to learn what makes Medina – Medina. What I received from my experience with LMC is a connection to the community through friendship and fellowship with others who want to continue to build on the many wonderful aspects of Medina County!"

jon park

Jon Park

Chairman and CEO, Westfield Bank
Class of 2003

"I highly recommend Leadership Medina County’s Signature Program for high performing and/or high potential employees.  Participants broaden self awareness, leadership and communication skills in addition to strengthening their network connections with other community leaders."

Kim Wolff
Class of 2021

CEO & Director of Clinical Services, Wolff and Phan Autism Center LLC

"LMC is truly an experience I'll always remember from the friendships I've gained, partnerships I've established, and the endless opportunities to connect with the community. Each time we meet, it reminds me to practice mindfulness, get to know my neighbors and see all the things happening within the county."

Diana Riley
Class of 2005

Manager of Community Affairs and Corporate Events, RPM International Inc.

"Leadership Medina County has provided for me and my colleagues that have gone through the program more awareness that in the workplace, there are many different personalities and how to work together despite the differences.  In order to develop a good and productive team, whether working on a project or interacting one-on-one, we must realize each person’s strength (and weaknesses) and best utilize their strengths.  This results in not only a harmonious work environment and a positive business relationship,  but also allows the manager to encourage and support their subordinates and possibly mentor them as future leaders as well."

LEAD Institute

Mason Harper

Mason Harper

Assistant Athletic Director, Medina High School
Class of 2021

"When I was approached about being part of the Lead Institute Class of 2021, I was excited for the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, it has been a great opportunity to network with other professionals in Medina County, as well as get to know my classmates. Leadership Medina County has also given me the opportunity to be more involved in the community, which has been truly rewarding and has shown me just how special of a place Medina County is."


Junior Leadership

Jimmy DeJongh

Jimmy DeJongh

Highland High School
Class of 2020

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for the experience Junior Leadership has given me. Never in the world would I have thought that I would get a letter from the first lady(of Ohio) regarding OHGIL and JrLMC. The overall experience was amazing. I hope everything is going well with this year's class especially with all of this COVID stuff. Right now, I am going through the application process for the Naval Academy. I've had multiple interviews with the senators and navy personnel and they all went great. I've gained much confidence because of Jr leadership and it no-doubt helped me during this process. Again, thank you!"