We believe in the beauty around us.

We provide comprehensive resources for people of all ages to enjoy the natural world in the Agloe area.

Our Goals


We aim to educate the members of our community about issues facing the natural world around us today and ways that we can preserve it.


Through local, statewide, and federal efforts our nature center has mobilized the community to ensure that the natural beauty that surrounds us is with us for years to come.


Through our ongoing education programs and outreach efforts, as well as fun events throughout the year, we at the center are excited to create opportunities for our community to interact with each other.

Our Work



Agloe Nature Center is proud to contribute to education in our community through two major initiatives: scholarships for local agricultural students, and public events that focus on modern issues facing our environmental Scholarships are awarded to area students or undergraduate students following an agricultural focused track.


Agloe Historic Farm

Our farm produces a wide variety of products that are either sold to businesses or direct to the consumer. We have over 10 acres of farmland that includes orchards, produce, chicken coops, and a stable. We also offer a farm incubator for up and coming farmers to learn the trade in a supportive environment. Products made from our farm directly fund scholarships for this incubator project.


Nature Trails and Fishing

Our 50 acres of land has an abundance of opportunities for schools, families, and other members of our community to enjoy nature in its native state.

No Child Left Inside

We are proud to be a member of the No Child Left Inside movement, which aims to bring children connected back to nature. While we proudly offer classes and workshops to learn about nature in a hands on way, we also offer dozens of acres of land specifically dedicated to unstructured play for people of all ages. This approach ensures that imagination and connection to the land is fostered.