Award Criteria 

Current elected officials are not eligible for these awards 

Medina County 

This is the only award which may be awarded posthumously. 

  • Makes significant and tangible leadership contributions to Medina County through extraordinary vision, innovation, inspiration and hard work. 
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities through career achievements or long-standing participation in community activities with full support of his/her organization, field, and community. 
  • Possesses a commitment to remain in Medina County and address the issues that face the county. 
  • Values leadership and fosters leadership in others. 


  • Works for (or owns) a business operated in Medina County that represents leadership in its field and is stable strategically and financially. 
  • Attracts, retains, expands, or creates business through capital investment or job creation for Medina County. 
  • Promotes entrepreneurship in Medina County through innovation, technology development, and creative business solutions. 
  • Promotes and coordinates business and financial opportunities in Medina County. 
  • Applies business leadership skills in civic activities, not-for-profit companies, or governmental affairs. 


  • Advances and promotes the general principles of education in Medina County. 
  • Addresses the educational challenges that face education in Medina County. 
  • Engages in educational program development within Medina County. 
  • Promotes collaboration between education and local business, civic organizations, or the citizens of Medina County. 
  • Promotes career or job-oriented education within Medina County. 
  • Exhibits passion for the positive advancement of the children who live in Medina County. 
  • Educates, teaches to advance the principles of leadership to students. 

Health Care 

  • Engages in supporting the mission of health, wellness, or safety within Medina County related to medical, behavioral, and/or environmental health services. 
  • Inspires others to collaborate in expanding resources and programming which will positively impact the array of health related services available within Medina County. 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the advancement of health, wellness, and/or safety through direct services, or by inspiring others to take part in developing opportunities to improve the health and welfare of citizens in Medina County. 
  • Leads by example as he or she engages in his/her professional and personal commitments in the community. 
  • Shows commitment to the advancement of community education related to medical, behavioral, and/or environmental health issues facing citizens in Medina County. 
  • Serves the community with a selfless and sincere compassion for the betterment of the lives of others. 

Public Service 

  • Works for a political sub-division, not-for-profit company, or other public agency in Medina County. 
  • Stimulates and fosters interest in ongoing public issues within Medina County. 
  • Provides an innovative benefit to the citizens of Medina County. 
  • Promotes and fosters collaboration within Medina County to address local needs and challenges. 
  • Pioneers programs to guide Medina County into the future. 
  • Serves the community with the objective of improving the quality of life within Medina County. 

Emerging Leadership 

  • Demonstrated excellence in their profession 
  • Contributed time and energy into improving the quality of life in Medina County 
  • Serve as role models both personally and professionally 
  • Show creativity, integrity and initiative in their professional and personal lives