When the COVID-19 crisis began in March, we went on the offensive! What can we do to keep relevant and useful information available to our readers, most of whom are staying at home? How can we continue to help the small businesses and community organizations we work with? The answer was simple—we adjusted how we reach our audience. We have had a digital magazine for several years and we focused on expanding it and promoting it consistently through our newsletter and social media platforms! A crisis is not the time to react—it is the time to act. We adjusted our business model and for this current issue, we have combined The Cleveland and The Medina County Women’s Journal to bring you the resources and knowledge you have come to expect. We will continue to adjust and adapt as we wade our way through the pandemic. Thank you for your loyalty and support.  Without any further ado please enjoy our NEW August/September Women You Should Know digital issue by visiting our website and clicking on digital editions. https://womens-journal.com/

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