What Matters to Medina County? 

Countywide Survey Aims to Explore Local Civic Engagement Issues 

A new nonpartisan group today launched a survey for Medina County residents to explore how they view civic engagement and local politics. The survey, available at www.engagemedina.org, invites respondents to reflect on how they feel about their local community, the value of voting and the impact of local government on their day-to-day lives.

“I grew up in Medina County and returned here as an adult, but I’ve struggled to find the right ways to engage on a local level in a way that feels meaningful,” said Reanna Karousis, a Medina Township resident and founding member of the group. “I know there are other people like me—specifically women—who want to find inroads to contributing to the public discourse, and we intend for this survey to help forge that path.”

Medina County Women for Citizen Engagement aims to help everyday people across all communities in the county understand, confidently interact with, and meaningfully influence their local government. The group intends to publish the results publicly on its website later this summer.

The anonymous survey takes about 10 minutes to complete; participants can opt in to receive the results of the survey or get more information about the recently formed group.  Four respondents will be randomly selected to win a $25 Visa gift card.

For more information about Medina County Women for Citizen Engagement, please visit www.engagemedina.org.

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