Event Description

At this event you will learn from five Medina County Leaders: Ron Paydo '00, Gelin Camp '16, Tim N. Turrittin, Stacy Bonitz '06, and Dr. Dale Fortner '01.

Whether you are an aspiring leader looking to advance in your career or a leader in an organization mentoring your people to grow in their careers, this community education session will provide you with the tools and guidance from experts in our community on how to plan for these transitions.


Stacy Bonitz, Philpott Solutions Group

"We do not teach Leadership.  We give our employees the opportunity to learn through experiences that unlock their Leadership traits."

Gelin Camp, PNC Bank

"As the leader all eyes are on you- what example are you setting?  You are being watched so make it count and set  your tone in a way that is the leader who YOU would want to follow."

Tim N. Turrittin, The Alternative Board – Western Reserve

“It’s no secret there is a tsunami of baby boomer business owners that will be transitioning out of their businesses over the next 5-10 years. It is imperative that these business owners and the next generation leaders are fully prepared for this shift.”


Ron Paydo, Huntington Bank

“The main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have people that follow them while managers have people that work for them.”

Dr. Dale Fortner, Sandridge Food Corp.

"Promising leaders can benefit from knowing the difference and practicing leadership rather than management.  I believe you manage your schedule, you manage your money, you manage your time, but you lead people."


  • $15.00  -  Active Alumni Admission
  • $25.00  -  Public Admission


New Location
Medina County University Center
Room 309
6300 Technology Lane
Medina, OH 44256

Topics to be Covered

  • Understanding the difference between managers and leaders
  • Best practices for leading through planning for succession
  • How to reach the next level of leadership in your career
  • How to provide a supportive environment for career growth