April is Child Abuse Prevention month.  In honor of that, Root 18 CrossFit Medina is hosting an event on April 24th to raise funds for the Health and Human Service levy.
The link to the event is here: (1) Raising the Bar Against Abuse | Facebook
The levy benefits Medina County Job and Family Services’ Child Protective Division who respond to more than 1,500 reports of abuse/neglect each year.  These calls arrive 24-hours a day, every day of the year. The division is required to review and investigate these allegations; when the risk is considered significant, they intervene.
That intervention comes at a cost, whether it’s something as seemingly small as notebooks for the child to take to school, to something far more critical like extensive medical treatment.  In just one month alone, the agency expends an average of $200,000 to care for the children they’ve vowed to protect; the levy helps meet those critical care needs.
Job and Family Services believes in protecting the community’s youth.  We believe in providing those youth, and their families, with proper care and rehabilitative opportunities.  We believe that children with complex circumstances deserve a chance at a life well-lived, one free from the trauma of abuse to one full of healing and purpose.
If anyone would prefer to simply contribute directly to the campaign, its PayPal information is here: formedinacountyhumanservices@gmail.com
Or they can simply donate by a check made out to Citizens for Medina County Human Services and mailed to 345 E. Washington Street, Medina, OH  44256.

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