Welcome to the team, Jeanne!

Wellness educator, Jeanne Merchant, began her career as a fitness professional and health advocate in 2007, leading group fitness classes and workshops and providing volunteer instruction to empower special populations in the Northeast Ohio region. Jeanne completed her AAS in sports and exercise studies at Cuyahoga Community College in 2010 and was later hired by the department as a physical education instructor. In addition to this role, she has worked as a fitness studio manager, personal trainer, and youth program leader. Since 2018, Jeanne has fulfilled a role with the Medina Community Recreation Center as a wellness educator and coordinator for the Healthy Medina County community wellness program, serving local adults and seniors. Jeanne is a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute certified health coach and is currently a senior level student in the organizational leadership program at Cleveland State University with plans to pursue a graduate degree in Health Promotion. Her career goals include the expansion of public wellness programming, advocacy for equity in wellness resource accessibility, and improved health outcomes through state and local partnerships.

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