jeffersonian dinner

The Jeffersonian Dinner

Leadership Medina County (LMC) launched “Jeffersonian Dinners” in May 2019, adopting the dinner format from Jeffrey Walker’s TED Talk wherein he outlined a contemporary approach for Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello dinners – “feasts of reason” the third president held to explore issues of the day through perspectives that only a gathering of thoughtful guests could provide.

The formula is simple: LMC alumni host groups of alumni to dine together while sharing personal stories around a profound, current topic in Medina County and our country. Leadership Medina County strategically assembles the guest list to ensure dynamic discussions among a diverse grouping of profit, nonprofit, and government sector professional and leaders, enhancing the possibilities of making new connections, strengthening Medina County's social fabric, and incubating new ideas and innovations.

Jeffersonian Dinner attendance is currently limited to dues-paying members of the LMC alumni network. To check on your current membership status, or renew your membership, please contact Terri Greene, Community Impact Director at 330-721-7118 ext. 1004 or email her at

Jeff Holland Rejoins Leadership Board

By Carrie Park | July 5, 2019

Someone needs to talk to Jeff Holland. No, really, he wants people to talk. The newest member of the Leadership Medina County board hosted the first ever “Jeffersonian Dinner” last month and he wants to keep the momentum going. “It was terrific start,” Jeff said. “What’s missing in society is people having honest, respectful conversations.”…