Sunshine Ethics/Records Management

Nov 12, 2020 6:00PM—8:00PM


Ethics in a professional, trust-based career (Law, Medicine, Finance, Education) is essential not only for credibility of the individual but also for the field in general.  Learning tools to use when ethics is in question, understanding how ethics is generally defined, and self-reflection by those in attendance, particularly those in fields of service where individuals rely on their expert advice or expert skills will build trust from clients/patients/students and competence in the individual.  Exploring Ethics lays the groundwork for a compass by which to gauge decisions and actions.  Attorneys hold public trust, and quite often hold public office.  Over the years lawyers more than most other occupations have been the brunt of jokes because of ethically questionable behavior of a few.  This class is meant to discuss frankly legal ethics, perception of unethical actions and the long-term ramifications of disregarding the middle ground between the two.