Here them Roar!

The Chippewa Lake Lions are a force to be reckoned with. When they are not jumping into the icy, cold waters of Chippewa Lake in January for their annual Polar Bear Plunge, you can find them quietly lurking in the background of Medina County doing good deeds.

And they have struck again.

Junior Leadership Medina County (JrLMC) is the most recent beneficiary of their kindness. The Chippewa Lake Lions are going to sponsor three class members of the 2019 class of JrLMC!

Is it a big deal, you ask?
You bet it is, I say.

While the class tuition for JrLMC is not astronomical, it can be a deal breaker for some families. In our “pay to play” society, things like sports, dance, band, and leadership programs all have to be weighed carefully to keep a budget on track. We never want a candidate to feel they cannot apply because of financial reasons. Thanks to the Chippewa Lake Lions, three more deserving high schoolers will get the opportunity to learn about Medina County and what it means to both give and receive.

If you would like to know more about how to sponsor a JrLMC candidate, please contact Carrie Park at  

If you would like to know more about why Lions pretend they are Polar Bears in the name of raising money for amazing causes around Medina County, go to or you can read this fun, and informative, boiler plate language from proud Lioness, Shelly Wharton:

“On October 8, 1958, the Chippewa Lake Lions club was formed. With more than 30 members, the Lions are probably best known for the area’s most fabulous event: The Polar Bear Plunge. For the past 60 years the Lions have served in various ways throughout the county with a strong focus on vision, hearing and disability. Internationally, Lions work to eradicate preventable diseases. We also serve in many other capacities – whether assisting families with financial burdens after disasters or major health issues & unanticipated deaths, or supporting events such as fundraisers for other organizations (golf outings, runs, leadership), or educational opportunities (underwriting CPR classes), or doing our part to decrease the number of individuals who are food insecure in our county (80 food boxes delivered each holiday season, partnering with local churches and a local food pantry). Chippewa Lake Lions Club members are most awesome and always willing to lend a helping hand.”

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