This year’s 2020 Signature class is performing the Point in Time Count and they need your help! The Point in Time count is a federally mandated, but unfunded effort to count homeless people in our county. This helps the county get funding to help the homeless. The class is currently in communication with Operation Homes and is working with Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority.

How to help:

1. Provide us the contact information of the person at your church that best knows about their efforts to shelter the homeless. We know that churches provide temporary housing to people in need. Historically, it has been a challenge to include the people that are helped by churches in the count, mostly because we do not know the right person to contact. The PIT Crew asks you to go to the below Survey Monkey and provide us with the right point of contact at your church.

2. Please consider volunteering for a 2 hour shift on the night of the count (Tuesday, January 28). You will be provided with a location, and training prior to your 2 hour shift. 3. Please share the above links on Social Media. We will put out some content that you can share over the next day or so. Please share to your network! We can use the help. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much, The PIT Crew

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