BRUNSWICK, OH (August 1, 2018) — Philpott Solutions Group announced today that Greg Stafford will spearhead the company’s strategic growth program, including the launch of its newest initiative called Voice of the Customer (VOC).   According to Philpott CEO, Jim Vaughn, “If we are to achieve our growth goals, we must have strong support from our customers.  Since companies cannot speak for themselves, we count on our employees to be the face-of- Philpott.”  Vaughn expanded, “At Philpott, we ensure that our employees are keenly aware of our culture and goals so that they can be Philpott’s ambassadors in the community, especially when dealing with our customers.  For communication to be effective, it must take the form of a two-way dialogue.”  Philpott employees are coached that listening is the most important communication process component.  Philpott employees bring back to our team ideas as well as suggestions on how we can make it easier for customers to do business with Philpott.  Vaughn exclaimed, “This process then allows our employees to be a most efficient Voice of the Customer, which inspired the name for this initiative.”

Mr. Stafford will be leading this program as Philpott’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Innovation.  According to Vaughn, “There was no better choice than Greg to lead this growth initiative, which aligns his vast understanding of Philpott and our offerings that serve customers’ needs.”  Stafford started with Philpott in 1992.  During his 26-year career, he has worked in virtually every area of the Company.  “Immediately after graduating from college, I started with Philpott in inside sales.  From there, I worked my way up the ladder and was most proud to be elected by Philpott’s Board as a Vice President in 2008.”  Stafford was the project manager of Philpott’s quality system development and implementation team, which ultimately resulted in Philpott’s being ISO certified in 1996.  Vaughn also applauded Stafford for, “Building our Aurora, OH manufacturing facility, which is allowing us to bring back from China our manufacturing jobs.”  This is a part of the reshoring of jobs announced by Vaughn in May.  Vaughn continued, “Greg has the greatest overall understanding of every element of Philpott, our offerings and the needs of our customers.”  Stafford said, “I am very excited to play a part in facilitating the communication bridge between existing and potential customers with Philpott using our VOC process.  Although seemingly simple, our VOC program will allow us to quickly and effectively translate our customers’ needs into Philpott product solutions.”

Mr. Stafford lives with his wife, Heather, in Medina, OH, with their two sons, Cole and Cameron and daughter, Maddie.  He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University

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